Bridge 2007

Bridge 2007

Julia Farrer’s abstract images explore the transformation of geometric compositions in two and three-dimensions. Her paintings, reliefs and prints investigate the amorphous, ambiguous geometry of space and the architectural, constructed geometry of volume. Highly praised for her distinctive sense of colour and innovative manipulations of form, Farrer’s work follows traditions in abstraction that are ‘directed by a ritualistic will towards metaphysical understanding’.  Barnett Newman

Farrer’s paintings of the mid 1980’s were distinguished by their subtle sense of light and atmosphere. ‘Confetti-like’ fragments of geometric shapes seemed set adrift at a variety of angles. ‘Space tends to flow through them, not round them.’ By the late 1990’s her work developed a more architectonic imagery that alluded to Deconstructionist design. Folded planes and disrupted grids were reflected in muted colours at different levels within the surface of the images, conjuring ‘a series of dualities: presence and absence, substance and shadow, day and night …’  Andrew Mead

Julia Farrer’s paintings and prints are held in many private and public collections through-out the UK and internationally, including Arts Council, England; The British Museum; The Government Art Collection; The Metropolitan Museum, NY; and Yale Center for British Art, CT, USA. She has worked with writers including Jonathan Griffin, Tony Rudolf and Judith Thurman to produce a number of acclaimed artist’s books, and collaborated with the artist Ian Tyson on Partworks – a project that resulted in a series of artist’s books and prints.

She has undertaken a number of major painting commissions including a 28’ long triptych work for the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, London. She was first prize-winner of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 2007 and in 2009 was invited to undertake a print commission for the prestigious La Gravure Originale, France.

Julia Farrer